Lane Campbell

Syntress SCDT
Lane Campbell is an accomplished technology entrepreneur with a track record of offering affordable solutions and top-notch customer service. Mr. Campbell's technical and support expertise has spanned diverse industries that include National Retail, Online Music Distribution, Social Networking, Real Estate, Voice Over IP (VoIP) Phone Service, Hospitality, Building Management Services, as well as the Publishing industry. 

Mr. Campbell maintains relationships with technology industry leaders from the Intel Corporation, Google, Inc., prominent YCombinator funded startups, to the founders of many prominent open source projects.

Currently Mr. Campbell is CEO of Syntress SCDT. Syntress SCDT is comprised of technologists and recruitment specialists who are here to assist our clients with staffing services, the latest cloud services, web and mobile app development, and telecom solutions. Today, more so than ever before, business and technology must move at an increasingly faster pace than at any time before in human history. To compete effectively, every organization has to be equipped with the best tools and top notch talent. Syntress is well positioned to ensure that you have the right technology along with highly skilled people on your team at all times.