Alan Matthew

Alan Matthew is the CEO/Managing Director of Tribal Ventures and is one of Chicago’s most active and thoughtful angel investors.  Alan will discuss, from a funder’s perspective, the strategies required to raise money to fund social ventures.  Alan will be joined by a panel of entrepreneurs who have raised a combined total of $5 million for their social ventures in the last two years, including:

Jail Education Solutions: More than 50% of inmates return to jail after release.  Our platform, Edovo, provides intuitive educational courses where inmates are rewarded for learning. With our unique tablet technology, we help unlock the potential of millions of incarcerated people.

Youtopia:  Add a layer of gamification to your organization with points, badges, and leaderboards for an extra level of engagement. With Youtopia, you can improve performance, boost positive behaviors, track service hours, and customize to meet other goals and metrics.