Sarah Doherty

Sarah is Co-Founder and CTO of TeleHealthNow, an angel-backed venture that has created the world’s first tele-robotic healthcare platform. The platform enables a virtual pool of providers to examine patients anywhere in the world in real-time. It also brings down the cost of care delivery by capitalizing on efficiency gains from pairing remote, robotic manipulation of medical tools with telepresence technology. The first application of TeleHealthNow’s platform is in delivering remotely-executed heart ultrasound. The company is currently in clinical trials with several major academic medical centers.

Sarah is a Chicago Ambassador for XX in Health, a division of Rock Health, and worked previously as a management and strategy consultant in the Healthcare Division of Accenture. She has a degree in Bioengineering and Entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania. In her spare time, Sarah loves to swim in the lake, run by it, travel to mountainous terrains, and eat dark chocolate (anywhere.)